Eupepsia Sports Science & Wellness

Award-winning Eupepsia Sports Science and Wellness clinic offers an integrated approach to help you achieve your highest potential with elite level training and recovery programs as well as innovative wellness therapies designed to bring you to your best Self.

Sports Science

With world class techniques and advanced technology, Eupepsia sports science focuses on boosting high level performance, long term injury prevention and management as well as everyday recovery for adult and young athletes.


Using the most advanced technology and innovative techniques, we treat injuries enabling faster pain relief, healing and recovery so you can get back to feeling great and doing the things you love in no time at all.

Sports Recovery

You have trained hard and pushed your body to its limits. Now it’s time to optimize your recovery to achieve those gains you have worked for. Eupepsia uses advanced modalities and techniques to enhance the effect of our treatments to allow your body to fully recover and leave you feeling your best.

Sports Conditioning

With our individualized sports conditioning programs, focused on the unique movement patterns and requirements for each sport, we ensure that you will be prepared mentally and physically to achieve your sporting goals and realize your full potential.

Injury Prevention Programs

Our guided injury prevention programs aim at reducing the risk of injury in your chosen sport. From physical assessments and testing in order to identify points of weakness we develop comprehensive, data-driven, personalised programs to keep you optimize your performance consistently week-in week-out.

Young Athlete Development

Our young athletes’ strength development programs work on developing coordination, motor skills, strength, balance, and all-round wellness in order to develop each young athlete’s full potential. Our expert-guided strength programs, ensure your children are trained in a safe environment allowing for their physical and mental growth.


Combining latest research in diet, nutrition and wellness with natural herbal remedies, powered by the science of Ayurveda, Eupepsia offers award-winning programs, plans, remedies and therapies to address sleep, rejuvenation, digestion, weight loss and much more.

Diet & Nutrition

Eupepsia’s clinical dietician and a team of nutritionists design tailored programs that address each person’s bio-individual nutritional, performance and weight management needs.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Eupepsia helps you reach your physical, emotional and mental balance through understanding your body type and its imbalances addressing them at their root cause using natural remedies.

Wellness Therapies

To support your wellbeing, Eupepsia offers award-winning slimming, cleansing, toning, rejuvenating, anti-aging, de-stress and relaxation natural therapies.